Music Problems

A place for problems (and pros!) nearly all musicians can appreciate.

Things That have been done already

I swear, I clean out dozens of these submissions every week. 


1.) Clapping between movements
2.) Awkward Page turns/ people who suck at turning pages.
3.) Parallel fifths and Octaves
4.) Having cold fingers
5.) “One time at band camp….”
6.) When the conductor looses their baton.
7.)  One more time never means one more time.
8.) When you’re counting a bunch of rests the conductor stops a piece right before you enter.
9.)  Pretty much anything that involves breaking, making, buying,  and loosing reeds.
10. ) When your instrument or part of your instrument breaks.
11.) Getting Rosin or valve oil all over your hands/clothes.
12.) Anything that involve spit.
13.) People who take a music class because they think it will be easy.
14.) Singers/Musicians who can’t read music.
15.)  Sexual jokes that  involve fingering, tonguing, blowing, g-strings, and  trombones.
16. ) Instrument stereo types.
17. ) Being the only one in your section
18.) Being the only girl/guy in your section.
19.) Being a girl playing a stereotypical guy instrument or being a guy playing a stereotypical girl instrument.
20. ) Big instruments, small cars.
21. ) Drummers/Percussionists who can’t keep a steady beat.
22.) Shoulder rests falling off.
23.) Strings Snapping
24.) Calloused fingers.
25.) Pegs that don’t like to move
26.) End Pins that dont stay put.  
27.) Violin/Viola Hickeys
28.) (music pro) Getting chills/shivers from a piece
29.) (music pro) Eric Whitacre

And also, its my policy to not accept  submissions that simply list a single instrument or type of musician,  For example : “Trumpets, Drummers, Asians, Flutes, Violas, ect…”

It’s insulting, and if I posted something like that, our followers would not be happy with us.

If you want to submit something like “Trumpets who play too loudly”  (which has already been done) instead of  just “Trumpets”  that’s fine because it doesn’t insult every single person who plays trumpet.  See the difference?

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